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A Few Things I’d Like to Share

Bill and I spent the weekend with my daughter and her husband in Phoenix.  Although it was a 12 hour trip from our home in Utah, (we had a 3 year old granddaughter with us who had to have potty breaks about every 30 minutes…seriously), the long drive was well worth it.  We came home […]

Discouragement Wins

Sorrow looks back Worry looks around
 Faith looks up Unknown No one is immune to encounters with discouragement, the very young the very old and everyone in between. We are especially vulnerable when the reality that is unfolding does not conform to our wishes or our intentions. Learning to evaluate situations realistically can help us […]

The Only Instrument I Can Play is the Radio

One afternoon, I watched my dad replace the blown fuse in the circuit box on the side of our house with a penny.  (You’d never guess he was an electrician.)   While I watched him, I experienced Elvis for the first time.  The teenage girl who lived next door was playing “Teddy Bear” on her record […]

Kid Logic (Part two)

1960 – Phoenix, Arizona I don’t think any child really understands the value of learning to clean properly, but the power struggles my mother and I had over ‘doing it right’ have helped me to appreciate what constitutes a well kept home. Mom posted lists in every room that we had to check off before […]

Kid Logic (Part one)

One summer we had a family reunion at my aunt’s home. The adults thought it would be a good idea to turn all the kids out into the backyard until it was time to eat. That would have been a good idea if there had been anything at all to do back there.   All I […]

The Compliment of Trust

A Scottish author, poet and Christian minister George MacDonald said, “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.”  I can attest to that truth because I have discovered that gaining the trust of a person or an animal, for that matter, is highly satisfying. Diane and I live in a very rural […]

The Cost of a Broken Promise

We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot.  ~Abraham Lincoln   I suppose that breaking a promise is not such a big deal anymore. It is so common to be disillusioned that we almost expect it.  A journalist from the early part of the 20th […]