Video of Fire

Part one: http://youtu.be/33ozEpkjLeo Part two:http://youtu.be/y2NE6dB1zGw Please turn down the audio if you view this as per the request of the good neighbor who filmed this.   My comments are in the blog prior to this posting of the youtube addresses.

Diane’s Comments about the fire.

(Diane’s comments about the Fire on February 28th, 2013) “Father Knows Best” As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we live in a rural area of Utah. While living in the country has many wonderful advantages, access to fire hydrants is not one of them. On February 28th, we lost our home to what started out […]

To Teach is to Learn Twice

To Teach is to Learn Twice.   ~Joseph Joubert, Pensées, 1842 For the past three and a half weeks, I had the privilege of substitute teaching in a first grade class. I prefer fourth and fifth graders when I fill in for an absentee teacher.  First graders have not yet mastered shoe-tying skills and have […]

Free Speech for American Fleas

 At one time, people talked and joked about “flea circuses.”  I, for one, did not know that there actually was such a thing, but recently I read about how fleas were “trained” for such an event. Anyone who has had a pet with fleas knows that the nasty things are incredible jumpers.  After the trainer collects them and […]

It’s Our Turn…

The following is a portion of Bill’s remarks at the Tooele Stake Conference Priesthood Session.                                           April 2012 Richard P. Lindsey has passed away but he was once a member of the quorum of the Seventy told the following story: “I wanted our sons to have the blessing of being shepherds to farm animals. Our older […]

“Wrestling Pigs in a Clean White Shirt” – Note to Readers

Not to detract from Bill’s post today, (Flawless Diamonds) but I wanted to say thank you again to everyone who has purchased a copy of “Wrestling Pigs…”     An important side note: We changed the names of most of the people we talked about. 

Flawless Diamonds

– By Bill Nelson One day, a man purchased a pair of diamond earrings as a gift for his wife. The wife was sincerely touched that he had remembered their anniversary and the husband beamed to see his wife so pleased.  She had once mentioned that someday she would like such a pair of earrings to […]